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Build your Handcrafted Goods Brand with High Margin Products Shipped from the USA

All products are designed, personalized and fulfilled in our facilities in Florida, USA

Generate Incredible Profits Selling

High Margin Products

$536,686 sales in 6 months!

$3,639,010 sales in 12 months!

Generous benefits to help maximize profits

New Product Development
We're Constantly Testing and Prototyping new Handmade goods for you to sell and profit from.
Keep More Money
Best In Class Seller Service helps you keep more money in your pocket. We also have a "remake" feature that is self-service and free.
Conversation Rate Optimization
We're Constantly Updating our product pages and carts and sharing the successful tests with our Seller base. Also- you can use or pages on your own store for free with the Heart Giftz (by The Orchid Seedling) Shopify App!
World Class Fulfillment
Gain access to a world class fulfillment service, offering USPS first class shipping and carefully monitored product quality.
Our Own Factory
We Built our own Factory in Florida, USA to provide better service to our Sellers and Affiliates!
Profit More with Built In Upsells
We're always creating new upsells for our products. Currently we're Seeing Personalzed Engraving Upsells at a 40% take rate. Thats over a $5 AOV increase on every order!

Custom Inserts


Free Remakes

Responsive Seller Support

Private Products (Coming Soon)

Best in Class Images

Buyer Customer Support

Customer for Life Profits (Coming Soon)

Luxury Box with Every Order

1 to 2 Days Fulfillment on Most Orders

Email Remarketing (platform only)

Facebook Retargeting (platform only)

SMS remarketing (platform only)

Powerful tools to help you be more successful.

No matter what stage of growth your business is in, Heart Giftz (by The Orchid Seedling), has the tools that will empower your success. Advanced tools give you the opportunity to focus on what matters, while we handle the technical details.

Heart Giftz (by The Orchid Seedling) was born from passion of creating and shipping high quality jewelry all around the world.

Build an incredible Handcrafted Goods
Brand with the Heart Giftz (by The Orchid Seedling) Shopify App!

Heart Giftz (by The Orchid Seedling) is an Affiliate Network powered by a Factory.

For its Affiliates, Heart Giftz (by The Orchid Seedling) Develops, Manufactures and Distributes Personalized Products from its Factory in Florida, USA. Personalized products are made available for resale seamlessly via its Shopify App or Heart Giftz (by The Orchid Seedling).

When using the Shopify App, the re-seller (“Seller”) is in charge of the look and feel of their store, the buyer experience and order management. Through the App, Sellers can create and publish unique styles of the base products Heart Giftz (by The Orchid Seedling) offers. Sellers are charged the wholesale cost of their items automatically as orders for Heart Giftz (by The Orchid Seedling) products are placed on their store.

When using the Heart Giftz (by The Orchid Seedling) Platform, the re-seller (“Affiliate”) is not responsible for look, feel or order management, Heart Giftz (by The Orchid Seedling) is. This makes it easy for Affiliates who do not want to manage their own store. Through the Platform, Affiliates can create and publish unique styles of the base products Heart Giftz (by The Orchid Seedling) offers. Affiliates are paid out a commission for each sale, and can request a payout anytime. For both Sellers and Affiliates, no inventory is needed to purchase.

We're Always Innovating

Heart Giftz (by The Orchid Seedling) has a history of discovering, developing, and offering its Sellers the most Viral jewelry and gifts products anywhere.

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